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Jemincare Group donated 500,000 yuan for the assistance in Tianjin Explosion Accident
Jemincare Group donated 500,000 yuan for the assistance in Tianjin Explosion Accident

On the evening of August 12, a dramatic fire and explosion accident occurred in the dangerous goods warehouse in Tianjin Port of Tianjin Binhai New Area, causing heavy casualties. After knowing the news about this disaster, the group’s leaders at all levels were worried, and gave close attention and positive actions to it.  As the saying goes, “when trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters”, the group and North China Marketing Center entrusted Huang Yanbin, general manager of Tianjin Region, to contact Tianjin Health Planning Commission and Red Cross Society for the first time. In the case of clarifying that the explosion wounded were in urgent need of antibiotics for emergency treatment, the ethidium sulfate sodium chloride injection worth 500,000 yuan was delivered to the scene of the explosion accident overnight.

Adhering group’s mission of “healing the people and benefiting the world”, with the development of over ten years, Jemincare has always practiced the responsibility of the company to the society with practical actions. It has long been committed to the national social welfare undertakings and has always been at the frontline of disaster resistance and disaster relief. We will work together with the people of the whole country to tide over the difficulties. In spite of small force for the public welfare undertakings, this donation is another practice of the Group’s mission. We expect that the Tianjin disaster area will tide over the difficulties as soon as possible.


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