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Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical successfully held the launching ceremony of IPR implementation
Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical successfully held the launching ceremony of IPR implementation

Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical successfully held the launching ceremony of IPR implementation.

In order to quickly promote the construction of Jinshuibao’s intellectual property management system, and integrate intellectual property into various business management, at 9:00 am on April 8th, the launching ceremony of Jinshuibao’s IPR implementation and training session were held in the conference room on the second floor. Entrusted by Li Yibao, general manager of Jinshuibao Pharmaceuticals, deputy general manager He Pingqing, heads of various departments, person liable for intellectual property rights in manufacturing business units and their counterparts from relevant departments participated in the launching ceremony. Li Jiawei, person liable of Jinxuan Intellectual Property Services Co. Ltd, also attended the meeting and gave a training lecture.

At the start-up meeting, Mr. He made an important speech and congratulated the company on the successful launching ceremony of standards implementation. He also introduced the opinions and policies on intellectual property development in the country, the province and the city, and highly appraised the company’s work in implementing the intellectual property standards.

He emphasized that the competition of modern enterprise is becoming more and more diversified. It is not only the competition of R&D and production capacity, but also a compulsory course of the protection of enterprise’s innovative achievements. It is hoped that the whole staff of Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical will do a good job in implementing the IPR standards, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises’ intellectual property rights at home and abroad and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

In recent years, Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical has been committed to strengthening the management of intellectual property rights. Through different patent strategies and Industry-Academy-Research cooperation, Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical has a large number of independent intellectual property rights in key products and technologies. The patented process management mode enables rapid feedback of market, research, development, risk and other information, effectively improving the ability and level of patent management, and rapidly increasing the number of patent applications and authorizations. According to statistics, Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical has applied for 46 patents and obtained 26 patents of invention authorization and 1 practical new-type patent of authorization. Many applications are in the stage of substantive examination and channels of transforming and implementing of patent and technologies has been actively expanded, resulting in progress both in the technological innovation and the use of intellectual property rights.

At the same time, Mr. He read out the appointment letter of representatives of intellectual property administrators, introducing the work plan for standards implementation, and inviting person liable for intellectual property rights in manufacturing business units as representatives of intellectual property administrators to deliver speeches.

Mr.  He pointed out that “Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical was established in Jiangxi and grew up in Jiangxi Province as a local private enterprise. In order to realize the goal of transforming into a “technology-oriented enterprise” as soon as possible, and ensuring that scientific and technological innovation becomes the main engine leading the development of enterprises, Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. carried out the idea of “planting a good plane tree and bringing in a golden phoenix”. Since the innovation of science and technology was proposed, the platform has been basically built up. In order to accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation, enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation management, improve the intellectual property management system, in line with the purpose of “normalization, standardization, refinement”, we have selected Jinxuan Intellectual Property Service Co. Ltd to implement the standards of “Enterprise’s Management Standards Intellectual Property”. It is hoped that through the leading roles of manufacturing units in organization and implementation, the whole staff of Jinshuibao Pharmaceutical will attach great importance to and work together to complete the certification and implementation of standards , so as to lay the foundation for optimizing internal management, improving intellectual property protection, and improving the technological innovation and R&D level, to standardize processes, to raise awareness, and to strengthen the management and control.

At the meeting, Mr. Cai of Jinxuan Intellectual Property Services Co. Ltd. gave a training lecture for the middle and senior managers and related departments.

The implementation of intellectual property rights of enterprises refers to the implementation of the national standards for the management of intellectual property rights of enterprises. The launching of “standards implementation” is beneficial for enterprises to enhance their own value, and encourage enterprises to innovate independently and enhance their core competitiveness.