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Appearance of Jemincare group in summit meeting attracted worldwide attention
Appearance of Jemincare group in summit meeting attracted worldwide attention

1.The convention is characterized by the” three highs and one wide”

The government payed high attention to it.

Liu Xiaofeng, vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, Liu Qi, secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and governor of Jiangxi Province, and Ma Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, received the special invitation to attend this summit. Besides, the director of the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine from each province, the principals of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the president of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also attended this summit.

Participants are at high level.

The conference invited Elvin Neil, the Nobel laureate, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, Chen Keji, Fan Daiming, Zhang Boli, Huang Luqi, and Wu Yiling, and masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wang Qi, Zhang Daning, Wu Bingcai, Liu Minru and dozens of other prestigious experts.


Academic exchanges contain high quality.

The conference has set up 12 sub-forums, such as the forum for masters of Chinese medicine and principals, the summit forum of global legislation on traditional Chinese medicine, and the forum of industrial integration and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



International coverage is wide

Experts and scholars attending the summit came from 29 countries and regions on five continents. Zhang Qi, director of Traditional Medicine Department of the World Health Organization, Kong Zhuxi, commissioner for Heath of the Italian Embassy in China, Li Li, commissioner for Heath of the Hungarian Embassy in China, Lady Benia, ambassador of Slovakia to China, Alexande Viktorovich Samsonov, the representative of TCM Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization and the president of the Oriental Medical Association in Ukraine, also came to this summit. brand is famous all over the world

The brand image of the group was fully displayed

Entering the summer summit and pharmaceutical conference hall, we can see the presentation of group brand and corporate culture everywhere.

The group leaders made a wonderful appearance with academic reports of high quality.On behalf of the group, Jiang Hui, assistant to the chairman of the group,and Zhong Chengzan, assistant to the president of the group,respectively delivered welcome speeches at the summer summit and pharmaceutical conference, and introduced the development of Jimin Credible in recent years.

Zhong Chengzan, assistant to the president of the group, and Zhao Jiahong, chief medical officer of the group, also shared the group’s latest research and development achievements with experts and scholars around the world. Many guests said that two academic reports were of high quality.

“Jinshuibao capsule” becomes the star product

As a representative of traditional Chinese medicine products in Jiangxi, Jinshuibao were designated as recommended products by the conference. Every participant received a blessing from Jinshuibao.

3.Summit inventory: the tremendous popularity of the group booth.

 There were many visitors to the group booth.

During the conference, more than 800 guests visited and consulted our group booth, which was the most popular enterprise booth at the conference. Many prestigious guests also visited our group booth.

The premiere of “Beginner’s Mind” caught guests’ eyes

The micro-movie, ” Beginner’s Mind “, which reflects process of the development Jinshuibao, met with the public for the first time at this conference and became the most eye-catching content of all exhibitors, attracting many guests to stop by.

Media focused on Jemincare.

During the meeting, the research, development and prospects of group’s products became the focus of more than ten mainstream media reports, such as CCTV, Jiangxi TV and China Jiangxi Network. Our group exhibition booth was the corporate booth that received the most media reporters at this summit.