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Jemincare R&D Center enters Shanghai: Innovation and R&D welcome a new starting point
Jemincare R&D Center enters Shanghai: Innovation and R&D welcome a new starting point

Shanghai,as one of the largest cities in the Eastern Hemisphere, is the center of international economy, finance, trade, shipping and technological innovation. On May 28, 2018, Jiangxi Jemincare group R&D Center was opened in Zhangjiang district of Shanghai. More than 20 high-end talents, represented by Dr. Guo Haibing, the vice president of the group, formally gathered. The Group’s R&D business ushered in a new beginning.

Zhangjiang is one of the parks in China with largest research and development of innovative drugs, also known as the gathering place of pharmaceutical R&D center. In order to better realize the group’s research and development strategy and build a first-class pharmaceutical research base, since the beginning of 2018, the group has been practicing the preparatory work for the establishment of the Shanghai R&D Center. During this period, the group leaders personally went to Shanghai for field visit many times to understand the scientific research environment and related policies of the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and lay the foundation for the formal establishment of the R&D center.

According to the construction plan of the R&D Center, the R&D base will carry out office renovation and laboratory construction in succession. At this stage, the R&D center personnel will work in temporary office space, but the relative lack of office resources does not affect their enthusiasm for work. After many experts in scientific research met, they began various professional academic discussion and subject research. The first meeting in Shanghai allowed researchers to strengthen the confidence to overcome difficulties.

The settlement in Shanghai marks the formal integration of the group’s R&D Center into the industry’s trend. In the next step, the group will continue to invest in the introduction of high-tech personnel and the construction of modern R&D Center. Relying on the abundant group resources and the superior research environment of Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park, the R&D Center will surely achieve rapid development alongside Huangpu River, making rapid breakthroughs in key areas, and continuously building a national and internationally renowned pharmaceutical R&D base